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(another) Facebook Scam – “dislike” Button

Posted in Malware, Programming, Scams with tags , on May 24, 2011 by keizer

Have you seen this post around?

A messages claiming to offer the opposite to a like button have been appearing on many Facebook users’ walls…

The fact that the “Enable Dislike Button” link does not appear in the main part of the message, but lower down alongside “Link” and “Comment”, is likely to fool some users into believing that it is genuine.

Although, researchers from Sophos have spotted a currently circulating “Enable Dislike Button” Facebook scam.

a “Follow the steps below to get the Dislike button” instructions page similar to the one seen in the Osama Execution video scam published by ZDNet is next:

However, clicking on it will not only forward the fake message about the so-called “Fakebook Dislike button” to all of your online friends by posting it to your profile, but also run obfuscated Javascript on your computer.

Once the users copy and paste the obfuscated javascript in their browsers, all of their friends will be spamvertised with a wall post about the non-existent Dislike feature. The campaigners appear to be monetizing the campaign through a survey scam.

For the time being, no “dislike” button provided by Facebook and there isn’t ever likely to be.

But it remains something that many Facebook users would like, and so scammers have often used the offer of a “Dislike button” as bait for the unwary.

and surprise… here’s the JavaScript Sourcecode

Evil evil facebook…. 😉


Who viewed your profile on Facebook? (Profile Peekers)

Posted in Application, Scams with tags , on May 22, 2011 by keizer

You’ve probably noticed, or at least heard about a Facebook app that pretend to be able to show whoever viewed your profile.
This application is no more than a SCAM, it will NOT show you who’s been viewing your profile…
This scam can appear in various names, such as:

  • creepy profile peekers,
  • catch them being creepy
  • creep exterminators
  • privacy bros,
  • we catch stalkers

If you’ll lunch this application, pressing Go to app, you will get the following screen:

You’ll have to allow access from the application so they can show you who’s been stalking around your profile, not before it’ll ask you to complete a survey in order to see the results…
These of course, are typical fake surveys.

  • For instance, there is particular survey that asks you to download SmileyCentral:
    ff8d221113615909b07b1ba9ceb8466a (SmileyCentralPFSetup2.3.78.2.NoSA.NoHP.ZNfox000.exe)
  •  A different one tempts to download Webfetti:
    9ed197b533fdf53ab8cf9e83a1b5951d (Webfetti.exe)
  •  Another one asks you fill in your phone number, and then it sends a costly SMS in order to unlock the application.

And it won’t settle for that… it will promote itself on (all of) your friends’ walls, as you can see below:

If you now remember you already saw these screens on your on profile… that’s that time to remove this application:

  • Look for the the post on your wall that contains the stalker application.
  • Hover it and you will see an X appear on its top right, then click on it and choose Remove .
  • Go to Account then choose Privacy Settings. at the bottom you’ll see Apps and Websites. Click on Edit your settings.
  • Find where it says: Apps you use, Click on Edit Settings (on the right of it), find the scam application and remove it by clicking the X on the right of it.

So you’d know…
Facebook’s policy does not allow to reveal who’s wondering around in your profile, so any attempt of such applications is necessarily a scam!
Please help the innocent users of Facebook by Report as abuse if you come across such cases…