ARP Poisoning / Spoofing

What is ARP?
The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a networking protocol for determining a network MAC address when only its IP is known.
This function is critical in local area networking as well as for routing internetworking traffic across gateways (routers) based on IP addresses when the next-hop router must be determined.

How does it work?
Lets say a new computer has been connected to the local network…. how does it know where to send its traffic?
The new computer asks everyone in the network (broadcast) “Oi! can someone please tell me what is the MAC address for IP: (Gateway)…?”
So the Gateway gets this query and reply to it “Hello mate, this is mi MAC: 00-AA-11-BB-22-CC”.
and so the new computer updates his ARP-Table, associating the IP: with the MAC: 00-AA-11-BB-22-CC… “Cheers!”

Spoof’em! (How to poison…)
The ARP Poisoning also known as ARP spoofing, ARP flooding, or ARP poison routing.
Ok, so this is the network:
Now comes the new computer with the question, asking what is the MAC of the gateway:

this is where we enter!
We constantly send the victim computer ARP answers telling him that the MAC address belonging to the IP of the gateway machine (router) is our MAC address:
in order to do so we use: # arpspoof -t victim gateway

We do the same thing with the gateway machine just the other way round, using: # arpspoof -t gateway victim

so after everyone updated their ARP Table, the network will look like this:

Table update

The results is that now the victim’s computer ( will go through us instead of sending the data to the gateway…

You’ll have to enable IP forwarding on your host so that the traffic goes through your host. Otherwise victim will loose connectivity.
# echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Now you can watch all the traffic between the victim host and the outside network going through your machine, using:
# tcpdump host victim and not arp

There are tools to do that easily… I can recommend Cain & Able
you can d\l it from here
MD5 – 76605141C11167F7EF0CDCAD3AFBA9FA
SHA1 – DC9C46955F4715859AEE41B9022503808362CEC1
This is how:

Select the Sniffer tab; Click the + (plus sign), select All hosts in my subnet and click Ok.
After the scanning process, it will show all connections that have continued on with your series. Right click it and select resolves host names to know the IP address of the router (


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